In Owasso, we believe that students will be happiest playing the instrument upon which they are most naturally talented. It is our goal is place every student on the instrument which will allow them to achieve their full potential.

When trying different instruments, we consider physical features, as well as the ability to produce a basic sound. We look at things like hand size and finger dexterity, size and shape of the lips, and basic teeth structure. During the instrument testing process, each student will be able to try making basic tones on each of the starting instruments ­ flute, clarinet, trumpet, and trombone. We will encourage each student to select the instrument upon which they show the most natural ability.

The process of auditioning for percussion is slightly different. All students who are interested in percussion will audition when the band directors visit the elementary schools. On the same day of that audition, every student will try and select either flute, clarinet, trumpet, or trombone. After all eight elementary schools have been visited, students selected for percussion will be notified via letter. Students not selected for percussion will also be notified, and we encourage those students to stick with band on the other instrument (flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone) which they selected during auditions.